World History Hub: Books From Around and About the World

Between 2003-2008 this was the World History Hub website. They offered books from around and about the world at reasonable prices. When the site's domain registration expired,​ disappeared from the web. The content below is from the site's 2004 archived pages. View this site for historical reference only. Sadly no books may be purchased here.

A Sampling of World History Hub Books that were available in 2004 from


Australia & Oceania
Historical Study
Middle East


2004 Ancient

Guns, Germs, and Steel: The Fates of Human Societies
Manufacturer: W. W. Norton and Company

by Authors: Jared Diamond

List price: $16.95

Our price: $11.87 (You save: $5.08)

Released: April, 1999

Sales Rank: 311 - Avg. Rating: 3.94 (out of 5)


Maximum City : Bombay Lost and Found
Manufacturer: Knopf

by Authors: SUKETU MEHTA

List price: $27.95

Our price: $19.01 (You save: $8.94)

Released: 21 September, 2004

Sales Rank: 990 - Avg. Rating: (out of 5)


The Infertility Cure:
The Ancient Chinese Wellness Program for Getting Pregnant and Having Healthy Babies

Manufacturer: Little, Brown

by Authors: Randine Lewis

List price: $25.95

Our price: $17.65 (You save: $8.3)

Released: January, 2004

Sales Rank: 4,976 - Avg. Rating: 4.71 (out of 5)


The Search for Modern China
Manufacturer: W.W. Norton and Company

by Authors: Jonathan D. Spence

List price: $29.95

Our price: $20.37 (You save: $9.58)

Released: October, 2001

Sales Rank: 6,778 - Avg. Rating: 4.09 (out of 5)


The Secret Art of Seamm-Jasani:
58 Movements for Eternal Youth from Ancient Tibet

Manufacturer: Jeremy P. Tarcher

by Authors: Asanaro

List price: $18.95

Our price: $13.27 (You save: $5.68)

Released: 19 June, 2003

Sales Rank: 1,396 - Avg. Rating: 4.33 (out of 5)


How the Irish Saved Civilization (Hinges of History)

Manufacturer: Anchor



List price: $14.00

Our price: $11.20 (You save: $2.8)

Released: 01 February, 1996

Sales Rank: 3,073 - Avg. Rating: 3.41 (out of 5)


The Battle of Salamis :
The Naval Encounter That Saved Greece -- and Western Civilization

Manufacturer: Simon and Schuster

by Authors: Barry Strauss

List price: $25.00

Our price: $17.00 (You save: $8)

Released: 08 July, 2004

Sales Rank: 5,446 - Avg. Rating: 5 (out of 5)


Healing with Ki-Kou:
The Secrets of Ancient Chinese Breathing Techniques, Second Edition

Manufacturer: Agora Health Books

by Authors: Li Xiuling

List price: $29.95

Our price: $29.95

Released: September, 2003

Sales Rank: 8,162 - Avg. Rating: (out of 5)


Alexander the Great:
The Hunt for a New PastManufacturer: Overlook Press

by Authors: Paul Cartledge

List price: $28.95

Our price: $19.69 (You save: $9.26)

Released: 03 August, 2004

Sales Rank: 2,936 - Avg. Rating: (out of 5)


The Story of the World:
History for the Classical Child; Volume 1: Ancient Times

Manufacturer: W. W. Norton and Company

by Authors: Susan Wise Bauer

List price: $16.95

Our price: $16.95

Released: 15 January, 2002


2004 Africa


We Wish to Inform You That Tomorrow We Will be Killed With Our Families:
Stories from Rwanda

Manufacturer: Picador USA

by Authors: Philip Gourevitch

List price: $15.00

Our price: $10.50 (You save: $4.5)

Released: 01 September, 1999

Sales Rank: 1,927 - Avg. Rating: 4.61 (out of 5)


Long Walk to Freedom
Manufacturer: Back Bay Books

by Authors: Nelson Mandela

List price: $16.95

Our price: $11.87 (You save: $5.08)

Released: 01 October, 1995

Sales Rank: 1,308 - Avg. Rating: 4.45 (out of 5)


The Code Book:
The Science of Secrecy from Ancient Egypt to Quantum Cryptography

Manufacturer: Anchor

by Authors: Simon Singh

List price: $15.00

Our price: $10.50 (You save: $4.5)

Released: 29 August, 2000

Sales Rank: 4,118 - Avg. Rating: 4.77 (out of 5)


King Leopolds Ghost
Manufacturer: Houghton Mifflin Co

by Authors: Adam Hochschild

List price: $15.00

Our price: $10.50 (You save: $4.5)

Released: October, 1999

Sales Rank: 3,324 - Avg. Rating: 4.25 (out of 5)


Sufferings in Africa:
The Astonishing Account of a New England Sea Captain Enslaved by North African Arabs

Manufacturer: The Lyons Press

by Authors: James Riley

List price: $14.95

Our price: $10.47 (You save: $4.48)

Released: 01 May, 2000

Sales Rank: 2,614 - Avg. Rating: 4.6 (out of 5)


In the Company of Heroes: A True Story
Manufacturer: Putnam Pub Group

by Authors: Michael J. Durant,Steven Hartov,Mark Bowden

List price: $24.95

Our price: $17.47 (You save: $7.48)

Released: 08 May, 2003

Sales Rank: 8,739 - Avg. Rating: 4.78 (out of 5)


Manufacturer: PublicAffairs

by Authors: Mende Nazer,Damien Lewis

List price: $25.00

Our price: $17.50 (You save: $7.5)

Released: 06 January, 2004

Sales Rank: 8,480 - Avg. Rating: 4.25 (out of 5)


Mississippi in Africa:
The Saga of the Slaves of Prospect Hill Plantation and Their Legacy in Liberia Today

Manufacturer: Gotham Books

by Authors: Alan Huffman

List price: $27.00

Our price: $18.90 (You save: $8.1)

Released: 22 January, 2004

Sales Rank: 7,719 - Avg. Rating: 4.33 (out of 5)


Stolen Lives: Twenty Years in a Desert Jail
Manufacturer: Miramax

by Authors: Malika Oufkir

List price: $14.00

Our price: $11.20 (You save: $2.8)

Released: 01 May, 2002

Sales Rank: 10,413 - Avg. Rating: 4.06 (out of 5)


Black Hawk Down: A Story of Modern War
Manufacturer: Penguin USA (Paper)

by Authors: Mark Bowden

List price: $13.95

Our price: $11.16 (You save: $2.79)

Released: 28 February, 2000

Sales Rank: 6,951 - Avg. Rating: 4.72 (out of 5)


My daughter sent this to me recently. I had just experience what I considered a major disaster that required me hiring a water damage repair NYC company to deal with the results of a water main break on the street where I live in lower Manhattan. I have a garden apartment with what once was a lovely library. Although the Sunlight Water Damage Restoration Services specializes in the cleanup and remediation of residential responded immediately when I called them, I still was shaking with tension and concern regarding all my books, all of which are rather precious to me. I was concerned for not only the books but also the furniture and our valuable antique oriental rugs. The litany of woes due to water damage multiply the longer the water remains, but I must say this company's professional technicians swept in with their equipment and started to get to work even before the city had completely fixed the water main pipe in the street. Their ability to immediately respond, helped to minimize not only the damage, but also the cleaning and restoration costs. Let me tell you, restoring your living quarters after a water disaster, especially when personal items of value are involved. In addition to my book collection, I also own many finely crafted Persian/oriental carpets many of which were exposed to damage. Even after searching for "oriental rug cleaner nyc" - the entire task can be stressful experience if you do not have, and cannot quickly engage a reliable service to take on the responsibility. My gorgeous library is not fully remediated and I am again enjoying life - as a bookaholic!

10 Signs You Might Be A Bookaholic
from: Bookish Treasures Blogspot  2015

  1. You occasionally turn down invitations to go out because you are in the middle of a good book.
  2. Hearing someone say "I don't like books" is almost as bad as them saying "I like to kick puppies".
  3. The woosh-thump of a book coming through your letterbox is the most heavenly sound on earth.
  4. Your brain calculates cost in terms of books. "Those jeans are nice but they are 8 paperbacks".
  5. You plan your life around book releases. After all, you KNOW what you will be doing the day book 2 (/3/4/5/...) in your favourite series releases.
  6. Forget musicians and actors (unless they are in a book adaptation), authors are the real rockstars you fangirl over.
  7. The quickest way for someone to be unfriended is to return a book you lent them in a less than perfect condition.
  8. You say goodbye to your books collection before going anywhere for an extended period of time.
  9. If there was a house fire the first thing you would save would be your favourite books (second thing if you have pets).
  10. Hearing someone say they love one of your favourite books = instant best friend.

I agree with my daughter I am a bookaholic, in this case a thankful one. The efficient cleanup prevented any mold developing. All the carpets were able to be cleaned as well as the furniture and draperies. The was some restoration work required but I am ok as are my books. I loved this site when it was still selling books from around the world. You could find some really esoteric reading material. Fortunately the internet continues to open up more avenues to find books so I remain a happy reader.